Shaping learning in the 21st century

The world of learning is changing at a breathtaking pace: digitization is democratizing access to education; new offers create new opportunities – and this is happening for more people than ever before in human history.

The Bertelsmann Education Group seeks to create a link between the new learning opportunities in the 21st century and the specific needs of the working world: to bring together two worlds, for the benefit of students, employers and employees.

We deeply believe that bringing education closer to employment is a contribution that can change lives. That is why we want to be an enabler for companies that are eager to work on innovative educational approaches:

  • through better access and unbundling of degrees
  • by supporting people in locating and securing employment;
  • by offering continuous learning;
  • and in providing quality degrees.

With advances in science and technology happening so rapidly today, continuous, quality education and training is essential. Therefore, our goal is to define and develop leading industry-specific ecosystems for lifelong learning with a focus on healthcare and technology.

As part of the international media, services, and education group Bertelsmann we have everything it takes to strengthen and develop our partners’ ideas: the joy of entrepreneurship, resources, a global network – and a culture of partnership.