The Group

Closing the Gap Between Education and Employment

Founded in New York in 2015, with additional offices in Gütersloh and Berlin, the Bertelsmann Education Group is dedicated to bringing education closer to employment. The Education Group houses a team of experienced learning innovators, and focuses exclusively on tertiary and ongoing education in order to meet employer needs.

With its high content and service expertise requirements, the education sector is the third pillar in parent company Bertelsmann’s overall strategy, and an excellent match for the Group’s skillset and long-term entrepreneurial approach to creating enduring value.

The Bertelsmann Education Group focuses on two segments in the education sector: e-learning and online services. The Group’s companies employ about 1,500 people worldwide and reach hundreds of thousands of people a year with their innovative products and services.

The group is comprised of several companies, among them the online education provider Relias a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bertelsmann Education Group – as well as shares in the online education platform Udacity and the online education services provider HotChalk. The Group also owns shares in a number of other education companies.