Benefiting Learners

At the Bertelsmann Education Group, we believe that bringing education closer to employment can change people’s lives. That’s why learner benefit is at the core of all our partners’ strategies. We want to provide more people with comprehensive quality education and training content solutions through the use of innovative approaches and emerging technology.

Our objective is to build leading, industry-specific ecosystems for lifelong learning focusing on specific market verticals. To achieve this, we seek long-term partnerships with talented education entrepreneurs who share our vision, mindset and values. We provide capital investment, industry and leadership expertise, as well as a broad network of international relationships to help them succeed.

Our resources, experience and long-view shareholder structure make us the ideal partner for companies that want to shape learning in the 21st century. Building on Bertelsmann’s global network with sites in more than 50 countries, we support our entrepreneurial partners in providing first-rate content locally. Together, we want to create outstanding companies of enduring value in education.

As a wholly owned subsidiary company of the international media, services and education company Bertelsmann, we offer our partners clear added value:

  • decades of expertise in the content and services sectors
  • a highly developed international network
  • 180 years of entrepreneurial experience
  • shareholders with long-term commitment who see education as a high strategic priority and,
  • strong commitment to the pursuit of purpose alongside the pursuit of commercial success

At the Bertelsmann Education Group, we want to empower learners by making education more accessible, more affordable and more inclusive. Our objective is to create leading, industry-specific ecosystems for lifelong learning. We are committed to inspire people to pursue individual career opportunities.