Quality, Skills Oriented E-Learning

A challenge facing healthcare providers is a lack of skilled professionals. The same is true in the technology sector: the transition to a digitalized society has a major impact on the labor market.

At the Bertelsmann Education Group, we believe that high quality skills oriented e-learning can make a significant contribution to solving these challenges.

Digitally mediated learning has obvious advantages: new developments can be shared quickly and inexpensively to an unlimited number of people – particularly in sectors where knowledge and information are constantly changing and require regular updates and ongoing training. Additionally, digital learning can be more effective in appraising the absorption and retention of the communicated content. Two companies form the core of the Bertelsmann Education Group’s activities in the e-learning sector: Relias Learning and Udacity.

With more than 3 million users, 30 million courses completed in 2016 and 5,500 international customers – Cary, North Carolina-based Relias Learning – leads the US market in online training, continuing education and professional development for health and human services organizations.

Using high-impact, interactive content, Relias Learning’s programming is designed to be engaging and effective. It includes customized training and a best in class learning management system that improves healthcare provision performance and ensures compliance and accreditation. Specifically designed healthcare training supports clients in delivering more engaging and effective services.

We combine the best content with the best technology

Mike Mutka, Chief Strategy Officer, Relias Learning

Relias Learning is proactive in developing and providing the highest quality healthcare content using the latest technological innovations. Their mission is to help clients deliver the best services to the communities they serve.

Relias Learning by Numbers

2.75 mio

users in 2015

28 mio

courses completed in 2015


institutional customers

A world leader in innovative technology e-learning since 2011, Udacity is the brainchild of former Stanford professor and Google X founder, Sebastian Thrun.
Together with its strategic shareholder, the Bertelsmann Education Group, Udacity shares its mission to empower learners by making education more accessible, more affordable and more inclusive.

Udacity’s Nanodegree Program offers a variety of credential courses geared to advance careers in the IT industry at a fraction of the cost of traditional universities. Combining on-demand video lessons, short quizzes and longer projects, the technology content is built and recognized by industry leaders such as Google, AT&T and Facebook and offers one-to-coaching and career placement support.

As technology continues to advance, Udacity wants to narrow today’s skill gaps by teaching for tomorrow. And with currently millions of users worldwide and thousands of students pursuing Nanodegrees at any one time, their recent ‘job guarantee’ announcement in the US demonstrates Udacity’s commitment to creating career opportunities for the 21st century workforce.

Udacity by Numbers

6 mio

course and Nanodegree program enrollments


videos, students learned from

8.8 GB

total size of code submitted by students