Online Services

Quality education that reaches more people in more places

As digital media in tertiary education continues to alter the competitive landscape, more and more institutions of higher education are looking to e-learning as a desired channel in providing new courses and online degree programs. With its combined expertise in the e-learning and services sectors, the Bertelsmann Education Group is the ideal partner to succeed in the digital age.

The partnership’s advantages: universities can concentrate on developing high quality course content and access new target groups in need of flexibility, such as full-time employees seeking to advance their careers.

HotChalk is at the forefront of online learning and sees a future where everyone everywhere has access to education. The company, founded in 2004 in Silicon Valley, partners with traditional nonprofit universities to provide turnkey online degree solutions.

The company’s team of experienced academics and technologists is deeply committed to the transformative power of education as part of teaching success. Their proprietary system is design-focused and data driven, allowing universities to offer online courses on par with – and in some cases superior to – the traditional on-campus course experience for students and faculty alike.

Working closely with a select group of higher education partners, the company combines best practices to provide:

  • Programmatic consultation services
  • Content development
  • Technical support
  • Data analytics
  • Online program management

HotChalk’s proven agility in reacting to client needs enables online program growth and sustainability, continuous improvement in online academics and above all, advances superior student outcomes.

HotChalk by Numbers


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