Workforce and Skill Shortages Affect Us All

We strengthen professionals and the communities they serve

Shortages in Critical Impact Sectors

Globally, the healthcare and education sectors are facing ever-growing workforce and skills shortages. Employers struggle to find appropriately trained new recruits, and many existing frontline workers – including primary care providers and teachers – are overburdened, burned out, or abandoning their professions entirely. Leading to lost productivity and poor performance outcomes, underserved regions in both developing and developed countries continue to experience negative effects.

Our Approach:
A Value Environment

We are committed to long-term partnerships with companies and innovators to create meaningful value for all our stakeholders. Integrating advances in technology with innovative ways of teaching, learning, and performance optimization, our comprehensive business models empower students with job ready expertise, and professionals with career transforming skillsets and great new opportunities. And by supporting organizations to build productive, successful, workforce-oriented value environments, we also aim to increase access to quality healthcare and education in underserved communities.


We create and shape new and consistent avenues for more students and talented professionals to join the workforce

Hiring and Staffing

We optimize recruitment processes to proactively attract and match the best candidates to open positions

Performance Optimization

We provide tools and support to improve productivity and performance in critical outcome measures and create cultures of change and excellence

Learning and Development

We ensure compliance in qualification and training requirements; support reskilling and upskilling; and instil a professional growth mindset

Our Investments Make an Impact

Partnering with pioneering leaders in education, training and performance optimization, we empower students, professionals and organizations with personalized learning to understand more and achieve better results – for themselves and the communities they serve.